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About Dan

My name is Dan Jarvis-Holland. I am an artist from Portland Oregon. I use he/him/his pronouns. I like to draw weird creatures that are monster-like. I love making art about anime, cartoons, superheroes, and sci-fi outer space.


My visual art is influenced a lot by music. I make art with anything available. I call it weapon art. I have used colored pencils, markers, crayons, pencils, paint, sharpies, and collage.


My art is inspired by scary movies, Bob Ross, Mindgamers, YouTubers, Nightcore music, Science Fiction, and always comic books. I am inspired by myself as a music artist.


My art is special because I do my own thing and practice it a lot. I listen to music while I am doing art and it inspires me. Its my life. Music Is my first language. Art is community. Art is my life saver. When people see my art its an unbreakable moment. When I make my art I feel a key and I feel like an Avenger. I want people to see my powerful powers of art.


My ability is manipulation of art. When people look at my art I want them to see a new dimension

-Dan, 2022

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